Dreams Are Possible

It’s hard to believe that it’s mid-January already. Most of us have set goals for the New Year and even have failed already to fulfill a few of them. In a blink of the eye, we’ll be facing December 2016 and wondering where the year has gone.

Recently I listened to a short video about 89-year-old Sarah laughing when the angel told Abraham, her husband, that within a year she would bear a child. Sarah’s laugh probably meant that she didn’t think it was possible. She laughed because her dream of motherhood seemed far beyond her reach at this point in her life. She had been unable to conceive a child in all the years of their marriage. And of course, as far we know, a woman of this age had never had a child.

If an angel visited me with such a declaration, I would not laugh. I would scream, probably cry a lot, declare it wasn’t possible, and say that the angel was supposed to visit a different person, certainly not me. But having a child is not my dream. I do have things in my life that I would like to see accomplished that look almost impossible. Would I react like Sarah if someone said that my dream would be fulfilled within a year? Probably so. God has, however, fulfilled dreams in my life.

About 12 years ago when websites became somewhat popular, a friend and I began talking about a website dedicated to widows. We expressed our desires to several people whom we thought could help, but nothing ever materialized. It seemed absolutely impossible. About two years ago, another widow asked me, “What has God put in your heart to do?” When I shared my dream, she challenged me to take the necessary steps to fulfill that desire. With fear – yes, fear – not knowing if it was even possible, God helped me to begin. Now you have found WalkingForward. Every time you access this website, you share my dream. It hasn’t always been easy and much is left to be done, but I am laughing, even saying, “How was this possible?”

Have your life-long dreams seemed so far fetched that you’ve given up on the possibility? Maybe you have a new desire that seems impossible. Would you like to go back to school? Would you like to change jobs? Would you like to visit a friend who lives far away? Would you like to move closer to your children? In each and every circumstance – whatever your dream – God is able to help you with the necessary steps as you reach out to Him for wisdom and help.

I’m often reminded of Proverbs 31:26, which gives a description of a woman of noble character: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” I trust that your laughter is because you believe that with God’s help, all things are possible.