A Tribute to Mom

My sisters and I have often talked about the blessing our mother has been to us. Our

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Mom surrounded by three of her four daughters: Rachel (top), Ruth (left), Miriam (right); other siblings include Dan, Russ and Lois

home was, of course, not perfect, and we have talked about that too, but Mom was a great mother. She instilled in us a love for the Lord, His Word, and the importance of being part of a fellowship of believers. She knew what she believed and why.

As a pianist and organist, music was significant to her. She was so busy caring for the six of us that her musical talents were dormant for many years. I’m sad to admit that I was an adult before I realized the depth of her musical gifts. She was the church organist, but she knew and played popular music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. On one of my visits when she was about 85 years old, she was tackling a simple version of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. So her desire to learn was strong.

Mom was a creative cook, and her meals were always delicious. Because she shared her culinary skills, my sisters and I, and even one of my brothers, are very much at home working and creating in our own kitchens. As kids, we said Mom knew 101 ways to prepare hamburger to stretch the budget.

She was raised as an only child in a quiet home. Living with the noise of six children in a small house with only one bathroom must have been difficult. I remember her saying: “I wish I could take a bath just once without one of you kids needing to go to the bathroom.” Her sacrificial love was evident every day.

That skillful, strong, intelligent mother is gone from us. She no longer cooks, plays the piano, or studies her Bible. She doesn’t remember that she was the first female board member of our church, which was extremely significant 40 years ago, or that she and my dad had a thriving business. Today she is frail and has only brief moments of recognizing my sister, Rachel, who sees her every day at the care facility and cares for many of her needs. We long for heaven to claim her, to free her from her limited body and mind. I’m glad she taught us that this world is not our final home and that the joys of heaven include no more sickness, tears, sadness, or dying.

I love you, Mom! I honor you and thank you for who you have been and for your sacrificial love to all of us. Happy Mother’s Day.